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Starting Your Own Electro-Lymphatic Drainage Practice

Our Lease To Own Option Can Get You Started Today!!!

 http://www.spectrumrecovery.net/Lymphatic-Therapy.html I just want to explain in detail ourLease To Own Program on our Lymph Drainage XP2 which can get someone started sooner in either setting up their own electro-lymphatic practice or simply make it more affordable to provide electro-lymphatic drainage for themselves or a friend/family member.
The Lease To Own Program starts with a down payment of $1,500 and monthly payments of $325. Of that $325 monthly payment, $225 goes directly to your purchase price of the machine. In effect, it is like you are renting the machine for $100 per month after you put down your down payment of $1,500. You will have anywhere from 4 months to 24 months to purchase your machine. If after 6 months of timely payments, you wish to cancel your order, you may do so. 
An example of your return on investment (ROI) may look like this by the 4th month: With $1,500 down and $325 per month (with $225 of that going directly toward the price of your machine), your cost per week would run $175, which would be met with just 2 electro-lymphatic treatments at $87.50 each. Any treatments that you do after two per week would be profit!!!

To look at this option over 6 months,your cost would be $3,450, with ($1,350 of that going directly toward your purchase price), bringing your weekly cost of the machine to $143.75, which would pay for itself in 1-2 treatment sessions per week. Over the 24 month life of the lease, you would only be needing to do 2 electro-lymphatic drainage sessions per month to pay for it, at the end of which you own it free and clear! To discuss this option of The Lease To Own Program, please contact Kathy by phone at (847) 987-1554 or e-mail at Kathy@spectrumrecovery.net

To see what an electro-lymphatic drainage session may look like, go to:  http://www.spectrumrecovery.net/Lymphatic-Therapy.html

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