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ONLINE TRAINING SEPT. 24th & 25th, 2020 for Assisted Lymphatic Therapy
Benefits of Assisted Lymphatic Therapy
We are now offering ONLINE TRAINING in electro-lymphatic therapy for the first time ever!
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Rebounding in Brazil!

Hi all,
  I'm just back from an adventurous time in Brazil!!! I am excited to see that in Brazil they have been bringing their rebounding outdoors to the oceanfront. On a Friday evening there, an entire outdoor obstacle course gets set up at the beach and people start their exercise in the cool of the evening. Rebounding has so many great benefits to it. See here to learn 33 benefits of rebounding.  If you are interested in ordering a Reboundair rebounder thru me, please contact me directly at (847)987-1554 or thru my e-mail at Kathy@spectrumrecovery.net 
Since I am a distributor for Reboundair, I can offer an additional discount off of their posted prices on any of their models on their site: http://rebound-air.com/shop/rebounders/?gclid=COy_m8WamMcCFUI8gQodL14HeQ

  Please leave a comment as to your favorite outdoor active pursuit to stay active and healthy!!!

Rebounding on "The Doctors"

Ordering your Rebounder

  With so many benefits from rebounding, why not go ahead and order your rebounder today?  For a limited time only, if you go this link and add that Kathy O'Reilley referred you, you will receive $15 off your order: https://www.reboundair.com/vhosts/rebound-aerobics/products1.htm  After you have received your Reboundair rebounder, please send us a comment on which of the many benefits you have been enjoying!!!

ReboundAIR on the Today Show

Check this out to see the ReboundAIR rebounder in action:

Rebounding - 68% more effective than jogging!

Albert E. Carter said it, NASA confirmed it! "Rebound exercise is the most efficient, effective form of exercise yet devised by man." To see more, go to: http://www.reboundair.com/NASA_rebounder_report.htm 
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