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ONLINE TRAINING SEPT. 24th & 25th, 2020 for Assisted Lymphatic Therapy
Benefits of Assisted Lymphatic Therapy
We are now offering ONLINE TRAINING in electro-lymphatic therapy for the first time ever!
The Latest Research from Italy on Brain Detoxification in Autism


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Innovative Healthcare Delivery Systems

How To Stay Healthy Over The Holidays!!!

Happy Holidays!!!
Much of our health comes down to decisions we make and habits we develop. Be encouraged this holiday season with these healthy tips!!! If you would like more specific input for your individual situation, please feel free to comment and I will answer you back by e-mail. 

The day of telemedicine has arrived!!

  When we first introduced the Zyto Virtual Clinic (www.Zyto.com), we were met with some degree of skepticism.  Among the questions we received were:  How does this work?  How can a hand cradle plugged into a laptop allow a naturopath in another state to basically "read" my body.  Then once clients started having a Zyto Virtual Clinic and following the individualized protocol recommended  by the naturopath, they started reporting amazing results!  Healthcare issues that they were a constant struggle, such as gastrointestinal problems, attention issues, hormonal balances, weight loss issues, allergies and sensitivities, joint/muscle pain, etc., started to get resolved. 
  Now in the past week, we've received promotional marketing material from a couple different sources promoting this end of telemedicine, such as www.teledoc.com and www.americanwell.com.
  To look at the pro's and con's of telemedicine, please read this article and give your input:
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