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Homeopathic/nutritional remedies

Want to avoid the flu this winter?

If you would like to be proactive in avoiding the flu this winter, here is a safe, effective natural homeopathic product that can help you do just that!!! The price is $30.80 and can be shipped anywhere in the continental United States. See the e-store for more details.

A quicker way to alleviate the symptoms of Mononucleosis

  I'm including this as a follow-up to my previous post entitled "Zyto Virtual Clinic and Mononucleosis." To reiterate, I posed the questions of whether it was really the Epstein-Barr virus to begin with. If so, did the Mono-chord cause changes in the antibodies so that antibodies to Epstein-Barr did not show up in the lab work a week later, although they did show up in the rapid test.
   I've asked the naturopath that I work under and she said that the specific multichord that my daughter was using, Mono-chord by Energetix, in conjunction with the electro-lymphatic drainage that she received, could be the reason that no antibodies to Epstein Barr showed up a week later in her lab work. I am including a description of this product, just because I was so pleased with the way that it helped my daughter regain her health and energy.

"Mono-Chord is designed to assist the body to locate and eliminate fatigue-type viruses.†

Mono-Chord is a homeopathic remedy designed to stimulate the immune system to target and eliminate fatigue-type viruses such as Epstein-Barr virus (EBV).
Epstein-Barr virus, or EBV, is very common and highly contagious, infecting most people at one point or another in their lifetime. During adolescent age or young adulthood, EBV infections often lead to infectious mononucleosis, causing symptoms such as fever, swollen lymph nodes, sore throat, and sometimes a swollen spleen or liver. EBV travels to the immune system where it multiplies by hijacking healthy white blood cells and can establish a lifelong dormant infection.
Mono-Chord is designed to assist the body to locate and eliminate fatigue-type viruses that are responsible for long-standing, chronic symptoms associated with exhaustion and fatigue. It contains a powerful and complex blend of homeopathics known to assist with pain, stiffness, and chronic inflammation.
Suggested Usage:
Take 30 drops orally twice daily or as directed by your healthcare professional. Shake well.
Adrenal 3X, 6X, Aranea diadema 12X, Bone Marrow 8X, 12X, 30X, EBV Nosode 30X, 60X, 200X, Liver 3X, 6X, Lycopodium clavatum 12X, Muriaticum acidum 12X, Nitricum acidum 12X, Rhus toxicodendron 12X, Silicea terra 12X, Spleen 3X, 6X, Uncaria tomentosa 3X, Glycerin 15%, Ethanol 15%, Purified Water 70%.
This product is gluten-free."

  If you would like to order this product, please feel free to contact me at (847)987-1554 or e-mail at kathy@spectrumrecovery.net

Blogging from France

  Hi all! This week I will be blogging from Paris, France, where I will be exploring the French's take on natural health.  Among the French, homeopathic and natural remedies are commonly used, many times in place of pharmaceuticals.  Here is a photo taken today of my daughter and me in at Herbeus, an herbal store that we found at 58 rue du Temple, 75004 Paris, France. The website for Herbeus is www.herbeus.com and they plan to launch their e-store in late summer, so I'll be posting more about Herbeus at a later date. 
  One of the many finds there is the Original bioSnacky Germinator by a German company called A. Vogel.  Additionally Herbeus does sell the sprouting mixes for a variety of sprouts, including mung bean, lentils, fenugreek and my personal favorite, broccoli. Research indicates that broccoli sprouts may be effective in shrinking the size of cancerous tumors, especially in the case of certain types of breast cancers. (In future posts, I will address the benefits of sprouting and research related to that topic.) 
  Another product that I found interesting is their Diane/cellulite homeopathic remedy, which I plan to use in conjuction with the electro-lymphatic drainage just to see how effective it may be in reducing/eliminating cellulite. I like to say that cellulite is more than skin deep, in that it is an indicator of a congested lymphatic system and all congestion/blockages in the lymphatic system need to be addressed in order to keep our health at its optimal level. 
  Last but not least, I found a product called Cypres by a company called Laboratoire Combe D'Ase. This product is meant to improve circulation in the legs when 2 drops of this remedy are added to a natural oil, such as olive oil or almond oil, and massaged into the point where the heaviness or tenderness or pain is felt. Since I have a child who still complains of "growing pains' in the legs, especially at night, I hope to see if this remedy is effective just by topical application or if it is better to use in conjuction with either manual or electro-lymphatic drainage. 
  Well, that's all for now - check back for additional health related blogs from France later this week.  As they say in France, au revoir!

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