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There's STILL TIME to SIGN UP for our 7 Day Spring Online Cleanse

By popular demand we are extending our deadline to sign up for our 7 DAY SPRING ONLINE CLEANSE at: www.detoxwithKathy.com 
What is included you may ask? This program includes the following: Over 30 different delicious and satisfying recipes, on-going accountability from the group as well as myself, a Spring Guidebook and a Workbook, a Daily Protocol, Detoxification Techniques as well as a handout on how to best prepare your kitchen and your food for optimal results. 

Our Spring Cleanse Sign Up Has Been Extended By Popular Demand!

This time of year, everyone is taking about “spring-cleaning” your diet. But without support and accountability (not to mention, knowledge that the program you’re doing is legit), would you follow through? With my Spring Cleanse, I don’t just provide you with a list of foods to eliminate. I explain the science behind the program, offer my personal support through our 7 Day Spring Online Cleanse, AND give you resources to plan your meals so you don’t have to be deprived, hungry or inconvenienced. If you’re interested in joining my Spring Cleanse on June 6th, click here to sign up: www.detoxwithKathy.com

By popular demand, our sign-up has been extended until Mon. June 6th for our 7 DAY SPRING ONLINE CLEANSE!!! To learn more or register, goto:www.detoxwithKathy.com

Inflammation is the Root of Chronic Conditions

There's still time to sign up for our 7 Day Spring Cleanse June 1st at: www.detoxwithKathy.com To learn about how food can cool the fires of inflammation, which is one of the topics we will be covering in our 7 Day Spring Cleanse, here is an excerpt taken from www.bodyecology.com: 

"Persistent, systemic inflammation is at the root of practically all known chronic health conditions, including everything from rheumatoid arthritis and high cholesterol to dementia and cancer. These conditions are not necessarily inevitable, and neither is chronic inflammation, but you have to know what lifestyle and dietary steps to take in order to avoid them, many of which are fairly simple and straightforward.
And what are some of the primary causes of chronic inflammation? Excessive stress, poor diet that lacks vitamins and minerals, environmental toxicity, not drinking enough clean water, lack of sleep, and lack of exercise all contribute to low levels of chronic inflammation that often go undetected for many years until disease finally emerges.The Standard American Diet (SAD), which is high in simple carbohydrates and refined sugars, is another major contributor to disease-causing inflammation, as is lack of natural sunlight exposure and routine inactivity. Failing to consume enough cleansing foods as part of a normal diet is another contributing factor to chronic inflammation, as cells and blood must be continually purified with the help of nutrient-dense foods and herbs in order to prevent a chronic inflammatory response."

What's included in our upcoming 7 Day Spring Online Cleanse?

What is included in our 7 Day Spring Online Cleanse starting on June 1st? I just wanted to share that it includes the following:
- Spring Cleanse Guidebook
- Meal Plan and Recipes
- Client Workbook
- Daily Protocol
- Detoxification Tips and Techniques
                                                                     - Kitchen Food Preparation and Cooking                                                                              Tips
                                                                     - Product List 
Additionally, you will be receiving on-going support and accountability for the entire 7 days. Want to extend the cleanse for up to a week? Go ahead at no additional cost. For more info. go to: www.detoxwithKathy.com Sign up by May 25th and SAVE $50!

Join us online for our 7 Day Spring Cleanse -sign up at www.detoxwithKathy.com by May 25th to save $50!

The days are getting longer, the temperature is rising, but you still feel like a bear in hibernation. There’s so many things you’d like to get to as part of your ‘spring cleaning’, but first what you need is some energy, just to get started. What if I told you that by making just a few tweaks to your diet, you can get your energy back? I’ve helped countless women overcome low energy through simple dietary changes, and I would love to help you too! Join me on June 1st for my 7 Day Spring Online Cleanse. For more information on how to get started, click here: www.detoxwithKathy.com Sign up by May 25th to save $50!
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