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Zyto Virtual Clinic and Mononucleosis

  I haven't posted in awhile here, as I've been learning more about the intricacies of the Zyto Virtual Clinic through personal experience. Case in point, my daughter arrived home from a week at summer camp with a dry cough.  There were no other symptoms, so I thought that the cough would pass. It didn't. Two weeks later, she started developing a fever and feeling tired and lethargic. I brought her into the pediatrician who said that it was probably a virus that she would get over, and to administer Ibuprofen or Aceteminophen as needed for fever. Two days later, her fatigue increased. That's where the Zyto Virtual Clinic came in handy. Since I already own a Zyto hand cradle, I was able to have our naturopath, who is located in a different state, assess my daughter's physiology remotely using the Zyto Virtual Clinic. What the naturopath found was high levels of Epstein Barr virus, better known as mononucleosis. She suggested a homeopathic remedy called Mono-chord by Energetix, along with Olive Leaf Extract and an immune system booster called Pau d'Arco. Along with this protocol, I also administered an electro-lymphatic drainage session, whereby I found her to have inflammation throughout her body.  Several days later when I brought her into the pediatrician to confirm the diagnosis of Epstein Barr, they took blood work. The rapid test indicated Epstein Barr, however the additional blood work did not show antibodies for Epstein Barr.  So the questions I have are: Was it really Epstein Barr?  If so, did the Mono-chord cause changes so that the antibodies did not show up in the blood work? Stay tuned as I hope to post the answers here as I get them.

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