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Why Use Electro-lymphatic Drainage?

  To explain the need for electro-lymphatic drainage, consider the following quote by the American Cancer Society: 
  "Think of viruses, bacteria, and parasites as hostile, foreign armies that are not normally found in your body. They try to invade your body to use its resources to serve their own purposes, and they can hurt you in the process. In fact, doctors often use the word foreign to describe invading germs or other substances not normally found in the body. The immune system is your body's defense force. It helps keep invading germs out, or helps kill them if they do get into your body." - American Cancer Society
  If you think of the body as a swamp containing fungal, bacterial and parasitic loads, then it is the role of the immune system to keep all of that in check, so that it does not take over the body. This is where electro-lymphatic drainage comes in, as this modality helps reduce the viral, bacterial and parasitic loads of the body by detoxifyng the cells, carrying those loads out into the interstitial spaces and bringing it out through the lymphatic system where it is then excreted out of the body. Additionally electro-lymphatic drainage also increases the red blood cell count and improves the overall immune system by 200% as evidenced by lab work and thermography. 
  What I find among friends, clients and acquaintances is that most people do not consider the state of their immune system until a disease process has already taken hold.  I see more preventative and maintenance work done on people's automobiles than on their own health. They understand that in order to get a long life out of their car, with as few problems as possible, they need to maintain it. While on the other hand, they seem quite content to relegate the care of their own health to their physicians, in the form of the annual visit or the occasional sick visit.  While I have great respect for physicians, they are not trained in a preventative or health maintenance model, at least in the U.S. They are trained in a disease or a medical model. I have had physicians state that less than 3% of their training addressed the immune system.  
  What I am suggesting is that people consider how to maintain their own health by looking at ways to boost their overall immune system through a healthy lifestyle and learning more about what that may entail. More on this topic to follow in future posts!

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