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Cleaning up the Lymphatic System to Reduce Cancer Problems

Hi all,
Hoping you're starting your New Year off on the right foot!!  Here is a fantastic website that I came upon out of the U.K. It does a great job of explaining how the lymphatic system can be maintained in optimal condition thru electro-lymphatic drainage therapy (ELT) like what is offered here at Spectrum Recovery. Go ahead and check out the website for yourself - it's very well done!!!

The lymphatic system – a mysterious yet vital function of the body...
Life depends upon the good circulation of the fluids including the lymphatic system. Without that, we could not live; yet the lymph system is one of the most over-looked and underappreciated systems in our bodies.
Most people have a pretty good idea of how the cardiovascular system functions yet there is little understanding of the vital importance of the lymphatic system.
The cardiovascular system delivers life-giving oxygen and nutrients to all of the body’s cells, which also produce waste matter which must be efficiently removed.
The lymphatic system is the “garbage collector”, sucking up metabolic wastes and toxins from the extracellular fluid of every organ in the body. When working optimally, the lymphatic system clears environmental toxins, wastes and infection from all tissues of the body.
The lymph system is a network of tubes throughout the body that drains fluid (lymph) from tissues and empties it back into the bloodstream. Lymphatic fluid is the interstitial fluid in the body and the lymph system filters it by moving it through lymph glands or lymph nodes. It is one of the primary mechanisms which enable your body to defend itself against harmful bacteria, fungus, viruses and toxins of all kinds.
Although there is 50% more lymphatic fluid in your body than blood, lymph is ignored or misunderstood by most people until they get sick.
Whereas the cardiovascular system has the heart to pump blood through the system, the lymphatic system relies on the contraction of skeletal muscles, brought about by body movement and the mechanics of breathing to help move the lymph. At night when you sleep, it lies virtually dormant too.
There are many factors that impair the flow of lymph
  • dehydration
  • lack of exercise
  • improper breathing
  • poor diet
  • and increasingly the effect of electro magnetic radiation (digital cordless and mobile phones, wireless computers)
All exacerbating a sluggish and congested lymph system.
A clogged, sluggish or weak lymphatic system prevents the body from circulating vital fluids and eliminating toxic wastes, thus weakening the immune system, making us vulnerable to infections and diseases. Many people have badly congested lymphatics and don’t even know it.
Inflammation is a symptom of stagnant lymph and is a contributing factor to many of today’s common illnesses.
However, drinking plenty of clean water, exercise, deep breathing and dry skin brushing may well be insufficient in dispersing deeply congested lymph.
What can be done to improve the lymphatic circulation?
Electro-lymphatic Therapy (ELT) is an increasingly recognized and now well established therapy, effective in helping to detoxifying the body.
ELT stimulates the movement of the lymphatic system by radiating an energy field rich in negative charged ions, which moves the lymph and dissipates congested cells and protein matter in the body.
ELT is a safe, non-invasive and easy to use advanced lymph technology that effectively disperses blockages and barrier tissues through repolarisation, and detoxifies the entire body simply by moving the lymphatic and circulatory systems.
The lymphatic system need no longer be an invisible, immeasurable or untreatable mystery.
Dr Shamim Daya or Carol Brough at Wholistic Medical Centre,
www.wholisticmedical.co.uk 0207 580 7537 or email info@wholisticmedical.co.uk

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quick diet plans on Sunday, February 17, 2013 6:54 AM
Awesome indeed!!! I am so astonished to find out this news that cleaning up the Lymphatic System to reduce cancer problems. Besides this, overall outstanding allocation. Thanks
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group package tours on Thursday, May 16, 2013 1:56 PM
WONDERFUL Post.thanks for share..more wait .. ?
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sunny health & fitness foot massager on Thursday, July 25, 2013 7:28 AM
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Hip Pain Treatments on Saturday, March 19, 2016 3:07 AM
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